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What kind of brand is mush wear? What is Korean fashion?

I'm sure there are some of you out there, so I'd like to start by introducing mush wear.

・What kind of brand is mush wear?

Korean fashion brand “mushwear”
Extracting trends from Korean fashion and improving them in the mush wear style. We handle original products and selected products, mainly through online sales.

We regularly hold pop-up stores (Shibuya, Tenjin, Osaka Namba, etc...) so that you can actually get your hands on the products.

Please come and visit our pop-up shop when it is held near you ♡

・What is Korean fashion?

In recent years, there has been an ongoing Korean fashion boom among young people in their teens to 20s.

A hashtag search on Instagram reveals over 4.65 million posts for "#Korean fashion"!

The characteristics of Korean fashion are:

・There are many unique designs that are not found in Japan.

・Many items are cheap and easy to obtain

・Trend cycles are fast

・Many coordinations use pop color items

For example,

In addition, the popularity of K-POP idols is also contributing to the Korean fashion boom, and many people seem to be using their casual clothes as a reference.

Even if you say Korean fashion in one word,






There are a wide range of other systems. I’m curious about Korean fashion, but where do I start?😢

If this is the case, we recommend finding your favorite fashion style and copying the items that interest you◎

We plan to update this blog with recommended items and coordination from time to time, so please check it out☺