mush wearで見つかるパーソナルカラーに合うアイテム👚

Have you often seen the term "personal color" on SNS and magazines lately?
It's fun to wear your favorite color regardless of your personal color,
Knowing the colors that suit you may also help you expand your fashion sense☺

In this blog, "About personal color"
We would also like to introduce items that our staff have selected from mush wear items that will match your personal color!

●What is personal color?

Personal color is a person's natural color (hair, eye, skin color) and
A color that harmonizes with the atmosphere (= a color that suits you).


・"Spring", a soft spring-like color that suits you

・Summer/Summer, a refreshing summery color that suits you

・Autumn, which suits the calm colors of autumn.

・"Winter/Winter" suits you with a dignified and clear color like winter.

It is divided into four types.

``Spring'' and ``Autumn'' on yellow base (Yebe)
“Summer” and “Winter” are classified into blue base (brevet).

If you know the colors that suit you, you can make your skin and complexion look more beautiful,
You can look healthy and lively.
Furthermore, depending on the color you wear, you can look dignified or soft.
You can also create an impression of that person.

Also, personal color is not something that determines whether ``pink suits you'' or ``blue suits you'';
If it's pink, it's to diagnose what kind of pink will look good on you .


What I would like to note here is that "fair skin" and "dark skin" have little to do with personal color.
(Shigeru Matsu〇, who is famous for his black color, is said to have a brevet winter.)
Does a yellowish tone look good on your skin?
The key is to know if the bluish color will stand out.

You may want to try a self-diagnosis on the website first.
If you diagnose it by yourself, you will tend to choose the color that you like.
We recommend having your family or friends look at it objectively.

●Mush wear items that match your personal color

《Yebe Spring》

・Skirt setup

・Mellow rib cardigan (pink)

・Avocado T-shirt (green)

《Yebe Autumn》

・Heart punching tops (yellow)

・Janska with tag (green)

・Double button setup

《Brevet Summer》

・Tie-dyed long T-shirt

・Crochet half-sleeve tops (white)

・Denim mini dress

《Brevet Winter》

・Black flower dress

・NOY long T (blue)

・Tie-dye patterned asymmetrical tops (white)

We have introduced some recommended items, what do you think?
Colors that may not suit you...😢 are recommended to be worn with bottoms and accessories that are far away from your face◎

I would be happy if the people who read my blog could use it as a reference when choosing items 🌸