What kind of fashion suits your bone type?

This is mush wear staff N☺

In this blog, I would like to introduce the skeletal type, which I have heard a lot about in the same way as the previous "personal color", and select mush wear items that suit each skeletal shape!

●What is the skeletal type?

First of all, there are three types of skeletal types according to [skeletal diagnosis].
From the characteristics of the natural body line and texture,
We will help you find the style that will make you look your best.
Due to differences in muscle/fat attachment, joint size, etc.
[Straight/Wave/Natural] Classified into three types.
*Height, weight, fat, thin, etc. do not matter.

(Reference) https://pierrotshop.jp/f/frametype

The characteristics of each are as follows.





Thin, almost round


Wrist ankle is large


Muscles are firm and thick

Muscles have no firmness and are thin

The skeleton itself has a three-dimensional thickness



thin, conspicuous

Thick, noticeable



thin, conspicuous


waist position



There are individual differences

above and below the knee

thick thighs

Thin below the knees

shins are straight

Thin thighs

Flesh easily sticks below the knees

the shin is curved outwards

Thighs are not voluptuous

The shins are thick



Not out

It comes out round

kneecaps are big

By wearing clothes that match your bone type, you can look more stylish!
(If you want to know exactly, we recommend that you have a professional take a look.)

●Recommendations for mush wear


Straight hair types suit simple items and items that are just the right size.
We also recommend items that highlight your décolletage, keeping it as simple as possible.

One-point dress

Cachecoeur floral pattern dress

Check cami + shirt set


Wrists and ankles are thin, making it difficult for muscles to build up, so the center of gravity is low.
It is easy to make your upper body look delicate.
Avoid exposing your décolletage as much as possible◎
If you are going to serve it, we recommend serving it as a necklace or something!

Tulle flower tops

Washer dress

Skirt setup


The natural type has a strong overall skeleton and muscles.
Since the frame is sturdy, we recommend a design that doesn't show off your body lines.
You can stylishly wear clothes with slightly flashy patterns or made from natural materials.
Be proactive!

Shirt dress

Tie dye street tops

Gingham check setup

I tried choosing from mush wear items,
How was it?❓

By knowing your personal color and bone type,
It will be easier to find clothes that suit you and you will definitely enjoy being fashionable ♡

I would be happy if I could help you with choosing clothes ☺
I’m looking forward to seeing you again on my next blog 👋