Korean style coordination with one piece ✨

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This is mush wear staff N.

I like Korean-style clothes, but I'm not good at coordinating them...😢

I think there are some people who say 💦
For such people, we recommend a one-piece dress that will complete your Korean style and look stylish with just one piece.

We would like to introduce you to the staff-recommended dresses and accessories that go well with them!

・One-point dress

A stylish dress with a tight silhouette and diagonal button design.
(Recommended for straight people if you have a skeletal type◎)
The simple design makes it perfect for animal print handbags, etc.
We recommend pairing it with flashy accessories that will make a focal point 😉

・Animal print handbag

・Shirring cami dress

This dress with a generously gathered design is recommended for those who like a modern style.
Dresses have a great design, so it's a good idea to match them with simple innerwear and accessories of the same color.

・38 bags (black)

・Floral pattern dress

This dress with a cute retro floral pattern is recommended for those who like girly taste.
The classic monotone is sweet and cute ♡
The trendy color green is easy to incorporate with small floral patterns◎
It's cute even with leather shoes,
If you want a Korean look, dad shoes are recommended! !
If there is volume around your feet, your legs will look slimmer.

・Color line dad sneakers

・Pleated cami dress

A pleated cami dress is recommended for those who like a neat and casual look.
I'm also happy to be able to play with my innerwear◎
Pairing it with delicate sandals or pumps will give you a more mature look.
We recommend mesh sports sun✨
It's casual but gives a lighter impression than sneakers♪

・Mesh sports sun

We introduced some dresses and accessories recommended by our staff. What do you think?
I would be happy if I could help you with your coordination even a little bit ♡

・I want to know more about 〇〇!

・I want you to coordinate your entire body!

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