mush wear 夏のマストバイアイテム特集

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It's June and the temperature is starting to feel like summer 💦

I want summer clothes but I'm not sure...

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[Mush wear must-buy items]

I would like to introduce ✨


・merci T-shirt

A logo T-shirt that you can have no matter how many you have✨
Easy to match with various bottoms,
It is also cute to wear as an inner layer of overalls.

・Retro pattern shirt

I want to wear it in summer! A flashy patterned shirt will be the focal point of your outfit◎
It's cute not only with denim but also with colored pants ♡
Coordinating belts and accessories in basic colors such as black will tighten up your coordination.

・Polo shirt with sleeve tag

This polo shirt, with its retro coloring and sleeve tags, is the perfect item to complete your outfit✨
The loose silhouette gives you a delicate look◎


・Colored pants

Trendy colored pants are a must-have item.
Just change your usual bottoms to colored pants to instantly make them look more modern😲
As well as basic color matching,
We also recommend coordinating colored tops and colored bottoms!

・Trapezoid skirt

This skirt has a trapezoidal silhouette that makes you look slimmer.
(Items that suit Skeleton Wave especially◎)
Versatile bottoms that are simple and can be matched with any tops.

・Heart print denim

The standard denim is also cute with a heart print♡
Since it is denim, it is easy to match, and
The heart print will accent your outfit◎
We recommend pairing it with a simple top.


・Mesh sports sun

The best parts of sneakers and sandals 😲
It looks like a unique item, but it's easy to match and is recommended!

・Clear shoulder bag

A summery item with a clear design.
Since it is made of clear material, choose your favorite accessories and use them stylishly ♡
It can be used 2 ways as a shoulder bag or a handbag, so you can use it depending on your coordination and schedule.

Mush wear summer must-buy items recommended by our staff
What did you think of the introduction?
In addition to the items introduced, there are other items that are perfect for summer.
Now in stock, please check it out◎

I look forward to seeing you again on my next blog ♡