If you're lost, this is it 💡 Setup special feature ☆

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This is mush wear staff N♪

I can't decide on the coordination...! ! !

There is such a day 😢
We will introduce the recommended setup for such a day ◎
You can use just the jacket or just the bottoms.
It's convenient to have one 😉

This is a very popular item for mush wear✨

・Basic setup

Popular mush wear items✨
The beautiful setup makes it look a little more mature♪
We recommend innerwear with a simple design.
Great for commuting outfits ◎

・Black setup

A nice item that can complete your outfit just by setting it up😿💛
It looks simple, but the small details such as the ribbon on the waist have a stylish design.◎

・Gingham check setup

Gingham check also looks mature if it has a detailed pattern ♡
If you keep it together in monotone to match the color of the pattern◎
It’s cute even if you wear it with a jacket or skirt alone 😉

Is it difficult to challenge? It is an item that is often thought to be,
Having one will greatly expand the range of your outfits!
This setup is a recommended item that will make you look sophisticated and fashionable just by wearing it, so be sure to check it out◎

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